Xolrut is the red dwarf star in the Xollum-Xolrut binary star system. It has roughly half the mass of the Sun and roughly a thousand times less luminosity. Its age is not known.

Planets Edit

There are two theorized planets orbiting Xolrut, Xolrut a, which is termed a 'hot Jupiter' by colony scientists, and Xolrut b, both discovered by observing their transit across the star.

Other objects Edit

Since Xolrut exerts a far greater than expected gravitational force on its twin Xollum, it is theorized that an object, dubbed Xolrut' (Xolrut prime), exists, which is possibly a black hole. Xolrut never disappears behind the object as it is thought to have a very long period of orbit, but historically it has been described as a crescent or ring many times larger, which may be an effect of gravitational lensing.