Celebration of luck and risk-taking occurring in Tixwil, the last bloom of the cycle. If a bloom occurs during the celebration, the celebration escalates into a wild frenzy of inhibition for those attending, and if not, the attendees are mocked for the rest of the bloom.

Modern Culture Edit

Traditionally, brown vests were given to those attending to be worn for the rest of the cycle and would either bring good luck or derision upon its wearer depending on the outcome of the festival. In modern times, however, the vest has evolved into a necklace or arm bands, brown pierced jewelry, and any other combination of fashion, and worn only during the celebration. The escalation of the event often occurs even without a bloom in modern times, usually privately or in small groups, and public mocking is no longer practiced, although it is common for young couples to come out as such just before or during the festival, and are often subject to harassment from friends and classmates afterwards.