There are various number systems and associated symbols and mathematics depicted in the comic, archaic, religious, common, and scientific. It's best to think of the alien systems as they stand alone and represent fundamentals of counting and ideas about religion, but they are compared here to the common system of Earth.

Impendia Edit

Xol Impendian System Edit

Most Xol Impendians who do not adhere to colonist systems use the following system for everyday affairs - the first 8 digits also represent how Impendians count numbers with their hands (with fingers first and opposable thumbs last):

Common Phonetic Symbolic Notes
1 ud '
2 du ''
3 deed '''
4 uf `
5 fu ``
6 feed ```
7 tud / (left thumb, literally)
8 lud \ (right thumb, literally)
25 il v
76 li
229 id <
688 di
2,065 ish >
6,196 shi
18,589 iv ^
55,768 vi
167,305 Umdeed (Umdeed's eclipse of Xollum leaves Baily's beads)
501,916 Umdu (Umdu's eclipse of Xollum leaves a ring)
1,505,749 Umud (Umud blocks out the entirety of Xollum)
Example in Common Phonetic Symbolic
74 duil-deedlud vv\\\
34,763 iv-dushi-ish-dudi-id-li-il-luddeed ^►►>◄◄<▼v\'''
(English) Phonetic Written Common
1st udis 1is
2nd duis 2is
3rd deedis 3is
4th ufis 4is
5th fuis 5is
6th feedis 6is
etc. -is -is

Xolhengian System Edit

Religious Xol Impendians who adhere to the Xolhengian religion use the following base 4 system to mark occasions and for astrology:

Common Phonetic Symbolic Notes
0 Xol this is more considered a 'state of purity and light' than 'nothing' in a religious context.
1 Umud
2 Umdu
3 Umdeed
4 Xol-ud ●☼
5 Umud-ud ●●
6 Umdu-ud ●○
7 Umdeed-ud ●◌
Common Phonetic Symbolic
34,763 Umdeed-du-xol-eed-eed-ud-xol-du ○☼●◌◌☼○◌

The Xolhengian religion's number system was actually a precursor to its scientific notation. Although it did away with the religious names as they were cumbersome - sung right to left.

Common System Edit

This base ten system is a direct descendant of Earth's system and is used by most colonists for non-scientific purposes, used also in conjunction with the Epos Impendian system of time.

Scientific System Edit

Scientists on Impendia and its moon Umud use a base 16 system:

Common Phonetic Symbolic
0 xol 0
1 ud 1
2 du 2
3 deed 3
4 fer 4
5 xis 5 (as in Xis-krit)
6 ex 6
7 eedu 7
8 lud 8
9 nen 9
10 des ϟ
11 desud Ч
12 desdu Ϩ
13 desdeed Ϟ
14 defer Ϫ
15 dexis Ԑ